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Hi y'all--

Just hoping someone will have a good idea for a craft/art project (more art than craft) that 2 competent 10 year old girls would find fun, that doesn't seem cheesy, but that can be adapted so a 5 year old could do it too.

Inexpensive would make it a slam-dunk win of an idea. I'd like it to be something not too hard but harder than, say, beading or foamies (teh shudder) or something. Also because I haven't put enough stipulations on it-- it needs to be complete in a single afternoon.

PLEEEEASE help me come up with something really unique and hellacool to do? And NOTHING papier mache...

So far potentials are:

lino prints
abstract subtractive sculpture (plaster of paris casts) (might be too hard)
Some kind of decoupage/make your own box/purse thing
collage -- found materials from nature into representational art. Maybe.
Batik? (dunno much about it)
In a pinch, jewelry.

Thanks everyone-- I really appreciate it!

*hugs you all like a buncha wonderful stuffed aminals or something*


Jun. 20th, 2008 05:37 pm (UTC)
I vaguely recall in elementary school doing something of a watered-down Batik sort of method... We made... Well scraps of fabric, but I'm sure you could turn 'em into flags or something...

If I recall - - -

* Scraps of fabric (whatever size)
* Lots of crayons

Melt the crayons down. Let the kids drip them all over the fabrics in whatever designs they want. Let the wax dry up until its all hard again. Once its hard, let the kids shake, roll, crumble, crunkle, shimmy and pull the fabric until all the excess crayon wax has unstuck and dropped away. And you should have really colorful designs left, with a neat crackle effect, something like real Batik!

Alternately? You should totally post this question up in the Craftgrrl LJ community - Those girls are HELLA creative, and could probably even direct you to posts with pictures and how-tos. :)

OH! Or you could try letting the kids make bubble prints...!

Mix up soapy water in several containers. Add food dye, a different color for each container. Using bubble wands or whatever's wand-like (slotted spoons, whatever!) - let the kids blow the bubble mixture against pieces of paper (hang 'em up for the best effect - the bubbles hopefully will blow into the paper and pop) - It makes neat-o pastel designs of randomness all over the papers. If you plan your paper size ahead, they can even fold them into cards, and draw over them once they're dry - make note cards or birthday cards or something, with the random bubble patterns as a background.

Hope any of this helps at all...! :)


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