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A great opportunity for art and animation lovers to get their hands on some beautiful, rare works AND help out the son of a great artist, a nice kid who was hurt badly in a car accident.

Please pass it on to the art and animation/comic lovers in your world, for Matthew, Tim and his family.

More Beauty in the World: Link of the Day


"Never stop. Never, ever think that the life that you have now is all that you can have. Just go out and do what you love to do." --Kiera Brinkley, dancer


What's the buzz?

Hello... 'bout time I updated this here thang. I keep meaning to, and forgetting.

The Good:
In recent weeks I have...

  • Visited the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota for the first time, despite PLANNING to see it for like, decade. O.M.G. Why haven't I ever gone before? 90 minutes from my house, it's an actual art museum like in real big cities housing RENAISSANCE art. I could have touched a Rembrandt or a Rubens. It would have been the last time I ever GOT to go to the museum... but I was thisclose, I COULD'A.


    I want to live in that museum, seriously. Or at least go there all the time to draw and just chill. It was an amazing experience.

  • We also went to Kennedy Space center recently-- and will again to see the two-shuttles-on-pads thing. Just because, you know, it's allegedly never going to happen again. It was actually pretty cool, though some of the exhibits (the walk through shuttle) were a bit disappointing. I liked the show about the early Apollo missions though. And we touched a MOON ROCK. How awesome is that? (it was tiny, like a little sliver of obsidian-like rock the size of a fang.)

  • Kix got into the Broadway troupe at OYT and we are trying for the scholarship to the Shakespeare program as well. *crosses fingers* She'll have to do fundraising like whoa to earn the money for Orlando Youth Theater's Atlanta trip... they are going to the National Junior Theater festival! They may be going to Washington DC again this year too to sing at the White House. Eeeps!

  • I got a new part time job working doing graphics for a guy local to town. I just submitted my first designs today and I'm praying he likes them. It could really be something that grows into something that could change our lives. Seriously.

  • I ALSO got another second job doing tech support from home. I'm REALLY nervous about that one... I passed their tests but I am nervous that I won't know my stuff well enough, as it deals with a lot of networking issues and things I don't know, and they expect you to come already armed with tech knowledge. We'll see. I really hope it works out because it's a raise, more hours, and BENEFITS including OMG health and paid time off. PAID TIME OFF, people! For the first time in 10 years I could have a paid holiday! This and health care- medical and dental from day one - could rock our universe. *prays I'm better at it than I worry I am*

  • Kix and I are starting an etsy shop - more details as we get our stuff sent in, but hopefully it'll help bring in some money to help defray costs of things like, well, Atlanta trips and such.

The Bad:

  • I have a pretty serious case of bronchitis, and have had for about two weeks. I have no energy, even just going to Walgreen's is a major effort. I'm halfway through my antibiotics so hopefully soon, I will start to feel human again. I sound like the secret love child of Bea Arthur and Harvey Fierstein. It's just... oy. I am on mandatory bed rest -- doctor's orders -- which stinks as we JUST started working out again and I'm itching to go to the gym.

  • Kixy is sick too... No heavy cough yet, but she feels lousy. My poor baby. She is worried she will fall behind in school because she can't concentrate as well due to sick. I wrote her teachers, who were understanding, but she is still so stressed about it.

  • Speaking of being stressed, I need to create more opportunities for her to get out and be with her peers... the cabin fever of homeschool/homeworking is not so great. (Though she IS over 50% done with 9th grade semester 1 in English, Global studies, and 7th grade math. Go her- she is working so hard!)

The Ugly:

Money- rather, lack of it. What else is new? ;) I have about 32809323 things I want right now- going through a covetous time, I guess. I'll live without what I want but still, if I had an extra, oh, $10,000... ;) (is there any such thing as an EXTRA $10k?)

The Bizarre:

For her birthday, Kix is hoping for a basic set of Dungeons and Dragons... and a box of paperclips, because she likes them. O.o The paperclips are no problem. I worry though that she'll get d&d and have no one to play with- neither of us have ever played a tabletop RPG and have NO idea how to play, and plus we need like 3-4 people don't we? Anyone know of any good places in Orlando to RP D&D or learn about it? Just wondering...

Gosh, writing this has tired me OUT. Back later...

URL of the Day

Awesomeness that MUST BE SHARED (ganked from Ferrett,thanks for pointing it out):


Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. OMG. Watch it. Love it.

"This is the one. Stops Time. Freeze ray: Tell your friends."


Hi y'all--

Just hoping someone will have a good idea for a craft/art project (more art than craft) that 2 competent 10 year old girls would find fun, that doesn't seem cheesy, but that can be adapted so a 5 year old could do it too.

Inexpensive would make it a slam-dunk win of an idea. I'd like it to be something not too hard but harder than, say, beading or foamies (teh shudder) or something. Also because I haven't put enough stipulations on it-- it needs to be complete in a single afternoon.

PLEEEEASE help me come up with something really unique and hellacool to do? And NOTHING papier mache...

So far potentials are:

lino prints
abstract subtractive sculpture (plaster of paris casts) (might be too hard)
Some kind of decoupage/make your own box/purse thing
collage -- found materials from nature into representational art. Maybe.
Batik? (dunno much about it)
In a pinch, jewelry.

Thanks everyone-- I really appreciate it!

*hugs you all like a buncha wonderful stuffed aminals or something*

Art Inspired by a Story.

Here's a little sketch -meant to evoke the 70's sericel style animation of Jungle Book, etc -- made as an illustration for Kix's story, The Corrupt Augurey. (found here: http://creentmerveille.livejournal.com/483040.html )

Just thought I'd share this with you all-- it's her assignment for English, write a fable in the style of "Beedle the Bard" or Aesop's Fables".

The Corrupt Augurey


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful phoenix who nested on a nearby mountain. He, not being native to the area, was noticed by the other inhabitants of the mountains when its song pierced the silence. An augurey colour observed the bird from afar. He thought it unfair that he, also considered a phoenix, was so undervalued – his cry didn’t fill the hearts of the brave with hope and strength – in fact, his cry was considered a death omen, even when he was only attempting to inform unwary wizards of coming rain. The augurey also envied the phoenix’s beautiful scarlet and gold plumage – his plumage was often compared to a vulture’s—an ugly bird that everyone despised.

That night, the augurey decided to take action. Spreading his wings and taking off into the night sky, his form cast a shadow against the twinkling field of stars above him. The sky was barely lit by a gibbous moon, for clouds were hiding the moon covertly – but the way the little light reflected upon the augurey, those who observed from below saw him as bigger than he really was. They thought that they were being savagely hunted by some sort of dragon who was flying at high altitudes, plotting their deaths. All of a sudden, the phoenix swooped down among them; he had heard them worrying and wished to help calm them. He finished his speech with a cry to hopefully scare the dragon off, hoping the beast was impure of heart –however, the augurey heard this and just was infuriated once more; the phoenix, longing for attention once more! He quickened his flight away from the mountains. Everyone on ground thought the phoenix’s song had frightened the dragon off.

The augurey landed gracefully upon a cragged rock in the midst of a shadowed valley. This was the home of a well-known Dark wizard; a wizard who surely could help him in his quest to be recognized and appreciated. The man, a middle-aged English sorcerer with salt-and-pepper hair and a slight moustache, listened carefully to the augurey’s problems with a devilish smile. He suggested somehow murdering the phoenix and taking charge of the mountain range by crying himself – with no regular phoenix to worship, they’d surely start worshipping the Irish phoenix in place. The augurey saw this as a stroke of utmost brilliance – but asked the wizard if he had ideas on how to exterminate the phoenix. He gracefully took a package from the desk inside his study and gifted the augurey with it – he said it was a cursed necklace that caused death to anyone who touched it. It, thankfully, was wrapped securely. The Irish Phoenix eagerly took the package in his beak and thanked the Dark wizard sincerely before setting off into the skies once more. After this plot was established, the augurey became much more cheerful, even around the phoenix. Its once mournful looking feathers were puffed up slightly. He decided to make his move in the evening, right after twilight.

The augurey silently soared up to the phoenix’s nesting place on the peak of the mountain, trying to contain his glee. He had the necklace clamped in its beak, the paper wrapping the cord so that the augurey himself didn’t touch it. He came upon the slumbering phoenix and, without a moment’s hesitation, slipped the cursed gemstone necklace around its neck. Instantly, the phoenix burst into flames that could even be seen from the forests surrounding the mountain. In less than a minute, he was a pile of ashes.

The Irish phoenix cackled gleefully and took off. Many a creature was watching, in awe – they all presumed it had been the phoenix’s Burning Day. However, the augurey soon came plummeting down from the mountain, holding a burning twig in its talons. He told the rest of the phoenix’s tragic demise and that he was to be ‘replacing’ him. All the creatures were grief-stricken. Then, with a flicker of brilliance, the augurey contemplated setting himself ablaze; there was a stream right below he could extinguish himself in, it would be a sign of power, and in ‘honour’ of the phoenix. So, he took the twig in his talons and caught one of his feathers ablaze; and soon it began to spread. At first, it wasn’t so bad. He spread his fiery wings proudly, being stared at by the other creatures, and releasing a loud shriek, which to him sounded much grander than a phoenix’s cry; but to others, merely was cringe-worthy. Suddenly, a wind swept through where the phoenix was perched and caused the flames to flare, blocking his view and engulfing his entire head. In a panic, he spiraled to the ground in search of the stream, but landed on the ground, crumpled in a fiery heap. None of the creatures ventured near, for fear of being caught ablaze themselves. And so was the end of the augurey; all that was left after a while of blazing was a pile of ashes. Soon a heavy rain came and extinguished the fire – after all, an augurey’s cry is considered to be foretelling of rain.

In a few days’ time, no one had seen the phoenix. It had been believed that he really was, indeed, dead. However – soon the Dark wizard who had helped the augurey came to fetch the cursed necklace back, for fear of losing a valuable item to a mere bird. As he was pulling out a thick cloth to pick the necklace up from the ashes with, a strong, beautiful cry came from right above him – and when he looked up, the phoenix was hovering there, in a fury, talons outstretched. The Dark wizard was taken by surprise and fell – right onto the necklace, no less. He instantly died, his features freezing and the light leaving his eyes. The phoenix swooped down majestically to the forests to apologize for his absence and to tell them the tale of what had actually happened; he had heard the augurey’s speech while being reborn from the ashes. The creatures rejoiced – all was well.

Yupdate-- mental postpourri

Gah, I haven't updated this thing in forever!

I still read my friends' page sporadically though, I've a lot of catching up to do.

Here's the lowdown on what's been going on, though, since last I posted. Not a lot of new-news, but bits and pieces:

The big things:

The Most Important Thing (MIT? I wonder if there's a correlation... Many Important Thinkers go to MIT? But I digress... ) is that I released Kix from the bounds of Celeb School after becoming entirely fed up with the ordeal that was the System. She became a free range chicken the day before Valentine's day and has been thriving in that environment, home with me, growing educationally and learning and less tense and stressed by far. I'm so glad we made the switch; one of her best friends will be doing the same next year and we'll be doing many projects together.

The Other MIT is that, much like my dear literary counterpoint Alice, I fell into a looking glass of sorts... That is, if the aforementioned modern-aged looking glass were actually a computer screen. Due to a combination of curiosity and a desire to take a more active role in supervising her ever-increasing internet activity, I spent Thanksgiving week (aka the week of much sickly doom) getting into a Hogwarts role-playing game online. My first RPG, and folks-- you know who you are -- I apologize wholeheartedly for my 'meh' level of appreciation for such things. I get it now. In fact, I entered this parallel universe and it has sucked me in, taking up probably an unhealthy amount of time and energy... Because, you see, it's allowed me to stretch my creative writing muscles in a way I'd not in a long while, as well as causing me to have a reason to really jump back into Photoshop on a regular basis... and most of all because I met a few people who I really, truly adore, new friends (one in particular) who really enrich my life. I feel so blessed to have met them and to have this new creative outlet... and mostly to know them.

Other than that, it's been a lot of the same ol' thang... Working, taking care of mah kid, schooling her, trying to make ends meet, putting up with gas prices for my SUV, paying attention to politics and news, trying to re-develop my portfolio, seeing friends, spending a lot of time at Typhoon Lagoon (yay, annual passes) and indulging in culture, pop culture and the arts:

A few of note:

Indy 4 - Meh, not awful, but no Last Crusade either. I hear it is better on second viewing, but have yet to do so.
Wicked- Saw it again, loved it just as I had before.
Assassins- It's in town all month at Mad Cow-- GO SEE IT. It's so worth it and on 6/9 tickets are cheap ($10 each).

I also got to see my beloved Joshua Bell, 4th row center, at the Orlando Symphonic (Philharmonic?)... It was AMAZING. Such artistry! I am so glad we got the chance to attend... The symphony is a grand event anyway, but oh! It made my soul weep and fly and sing. And it got Kix interested in playing violin, so she is currently studying that and I'm refocusing on it as well (which reminds me... gotta pick up my violin from the shop!).

I saw KJ and her brood the other day and that was fabulous-- little Kyle is sooooo smart and so grown up! That was really nice, catching up with them.

Anyway-- that's the really high-level summary of 'how I spent my winter-spring 2008.' There's so much more, but the hour is late. I miss you all like mad (even those I've seen in RL or corresponded with) and I've been reading my friends' page, celebrating your victories (Marianne, way to go on the book deal!) and praying for you through your crises (Josh, your mom is in my thoughts and prayers DAILY.)

More later... It's a start, anyway.